F/2F enabled BlueDiamond Readers wired to MRJ

How to wire F/2F-enabled BlueDiamond readers to a Micro Reader Junction (MRJ) box 

Procedure Steps

Most installations with F/2F will use a Micro Reader Junction (MRJ) box. Below are the wire maps to the appropriate pins on the terminals of the BlueDiamond reader and the MRJ box.
BlueDiamond ReaderMRJ J1 ConnectorWire Color
1 [0 V]2 (Ground)Black
2 [+VDC]1 (+12V)Red
 3 [D1/CLK]  
 4 [D0/DAT (F/2F Data)] 4 (Data 1) White
 5 [Green (F/2F DO)] 3 (Green LED) Orange
 6 [Red (F/2F DI)] 5 (Door DI) Grey
 7 [Buzzer (F/2F REX)] 6 (Exit DI) Pink

Applies To

F/2F enabled Blue Diamond Readers 

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