PTZ / Matrix Switcher

LNVR Not responding to PTZ Presets triggered by Global I/O or Scheduler

08/19/2014April Daniels
Symptom When setting up a global I/O to set a PTZ Preset, the PTZ Preset does not work. However, using the preset manually works as expected. Resolution When LNVR security is on (access is restricted to Windows accounts that are members o...

Axis camera PTZ controls do not function in OnGuard

06/26/2008April Daniels
Symptom The PTZ controls for an Axis PTZ camera work on the camera or video server web page, and the PTZ controls appear in OnGuard. However, the user cannot actually control the Axis PTZ camera. Resolution On the Axis PTZ camera or video se...

How to test Matrix Switcher in HyperTerminal

10/22/2007April Daniels
How to test a matrix switcher using HyperTerminal Procedure Steps Before conducting this test, the OnGuard system should be fully configured with the matrix switcher connected. The LS Communications Server should be running, and Alarm Mo...