WIU-4s will intermittently lock up


WIU4's with 013 firmware, will intermittently lock up and the only way to restore functionality to the reader is to reboot controller or the WIU


WIU4 Installation guide.pdf


To resolve this issue place a suppression device at the strike and use the onboard transorbs for suppression on the WIU.

The above attached 8rp manual shows the diode wiring.

The MOV (for AC) or diode (for DC) is required for any lock device that is controlled by the 8rp, which includes WIU and M/R-J-boxes wired to the strike. The relay on the WIU is the same as the relay wired to the output for the 8rp. The relay on the WIU has the diode across its coil, but not across the strike coil, and so you must put one across the strike coil, which is why they are included with the 8rp (and in the 8rp manual)

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M Series Hardware

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