Configure XProtect in OnGuard 8.2

07/07/2023Matthew Therolf

Configure XProtect in OnGuard 8.1

03/14/2022Content Creator

Configure Milestone XProtect for OnGuard 8.0

10/27/2021Content Creator
LenelS2 1212 Pittsford-Victor Road Pittsford, New York 14534 USA Tel 866.788.5095 Fax 585.248.9185 DOC-2019-EN-US (13 January 2022) © 2022 Carrier Fire and Security Americas Corporation.  rev...

Fetching configuration failed during Lenel ACM integration setup

05/01/2019April Daniels
Symptom     When attempting to fetch the Lenel configuration from the AccessControl database, the XProtect Management Client/Application access control plugin setup dialog generates the following or similar error:      ...

Cannot import Cameras from recording server into Lenel OnGuard

05/01/2019April Daniels
Symptom     When trying to "Import Cameras" from a newly added Recording Server to Lenel, the list of available cameras is blank.       An error similar to this might be present in the Lenel logs at the follow...

First time startup of Milestone XProtect Access module when integrated with OnGuard

07/11/2018April Daniels
First time startup of Milestone XProtect Access (ACM) module when integrated with OnGuard (applies to Single Server and Multiple Server OnGuard/XProtect architectures).   Procedure Steps   Power-up your OnGuard server (includin...

Manually Removing Ocularis Components

05/27/2015April Daniels
Manually Removing Ocularis Components.   Sometimes when upgrading from SkyPoint to Ocularis, SkyClean.bat does not remove the components that it should. One such example of this is when the recorder does not come online and the OcularisTrans...

Why do I not receive ''Communication Lost'' event from RC-E recorder?

05/03/2012April Daniels
Question Why do I not receive "Communication Lost" events from RC-E recorder? Answer NetEVS and RC-E recorders will always appear to be online in Alarm Monitoring. If a NetEVS or RC-E recorder goes offline, there is no indi...

How to Back Up a NetDVMS

03/21/2012April Daniels
Backing up a NetDVMS recorder Procedure Steps Note: It is a good idea to make regular backups of your server configuration as a disaster recovery measure. Upgrading your server is no exception. While it is rare to lose your configuration (ca...

What ports are used for OnSSI NetDVMS installations?

02/16/2012April Daniels
Question What ports are used for OnSSI NetDVMS installations?   Answer Ports Used for NetDVMS are: Ocularis Base Port Requirements - IIS PORT: 80 Inbound - IMAGE SERVER PORT: XXXX* Outbound - MESSAGE QUEUING PORT: 1801 Inbound/Out...