DataExchange cannot connect to the database server

12/06/2022Matthew Therolf
DataExchange cannot connect to the database server Symptom After changing ODBC information, database import DataExchange scripts will often fail with error messages, which prevents the use of DataExchange scripts that use a database connection. Sa...

Error when trying to save Data Exchange script in FormsDesigner

02/15/2012April Daniels
When trying to save the Data Exchange script in FormsDesigner, the following error is produced: The deactivate date field does not contain a date and time and needs to . Procedure Steps In FormsDesigner, select Data Exchange > Excha...

DataExchange fails using Scheduler due to RPC error

10/22/2007April Daniels
Symptom When running a DataExchange script using Scheduler, the Receive process fails with the following error: "Execution Error: Unable to execute an RPC call to DataExchange" The cause of this error is a lack of network permission...