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Veridt OSDP readers not coming online after power event

12/06/2022Matthew Therolf
Symptom Following a power event where the ISC and/or RIM are power cycled, OSDP-wired Veridt readers shipped before 2022 do not come online. Resolution Veridt OSDP-wired readers did not have a hard-coded OSDP ID or baud rate value, so they would ...

HID/Mercury Reader Manager Aux Module for X-Series Controllers

02/14/2022Content Creator
Knowledgebase Title: HID/Mercury Reader Manager Aux Module for X-Series Controllers Purpose: This article covers the loading of an Aux Module on Lenel X-Series Controllers, that allows HID OSDP-based readers to toggle reader credential compatib...


02/10/2022April Daniels

LNL-CK - Intrusion Setup and Troubleshooting Guide_5-17

02/10/2022April Daniels

High-Low addressing for PIM and ENGAGE Gateway

02/10/2022April Daniels
Product Multi-Dropped Devices The PIM and ENGAGE Gateway must be configured with a unique RS-485 communication address within each downstream port. The “low door” and “high door” range for the PIM allocates the number ...

BioEntry W2 - OSDP Biometrics set Up with Lenel (supports ANSI Template on Panel)

02/10/2022April Daniels

How to enable a PIV or CAC enrollment reader

02/07/2022April Daniels
How to enable a PIV or CAC enrollment reader. Procedure Steps In System Administration, select Administration > Workstations . Click [Add] at the bottom and add your workstation. Click [Browse] next to Name and select your computer. Leave ...

Invalid card format error using Government CAC credentials with OSDP

02/07/2022April Daniels
Symptom When using government CAC credentials with OSDP reader ports, an invalid card format error is received for valid credential reads.  Resolution Add the following option to the ACS.INI file to work with a magnetic format over OSDP read...

HID Reader Manager – SIGNO OSDP Setup

09/23/2020Content Creator
Procedure Name HID Reader Manager – SIGNO OSDP Setup Procedure Steps Purpose: The HID SIGNO readers no longer use configuration cards to Set / Change configuration options.  You must use HID Reader Manager to make changes. This KB wi...

Mercury controller has difficulty establishing communication with an OSDP reader

10/12/2018April Daniels
Symptom   This is an important notice for users deploying Mercury Series 3 MR50, Series 3 MR52 as well as LP1501, LP1502 and LP4502 Intelligent Controllers.   The Mercury controller(s) may have difficulty establishing communi...