Using the Wacom Intuos tablet to capture signatures

How to configure and use the Wacom Intuos Pro USB Signature Capture Kit

Procedure Steps

The Wacom Intuos Pro Small USB Signature Capture Kit (LenelS2 part number INTUOS-PRO-SMALL) is a graphics tablet with a compact footprint that you can use to capture and digitize signatures. Includes digitizer tablet, pen, and pen stand. Note:  The Wacom part number for the newest signature capture kit is PTH-460. The previous kit’s part number is PTH-451. OnGuard supports both versions. To use the Wacom Intuos Pro Small USB Signature Capture Kit with System Administration or ID CredentialCenter:

  1. From the Administration menu, select Cardholders.
  2. Add or modify a cardholder, and then click [Capture] to open Multimedia Capture.
  3. Select the Signature tab.
  4. Select “Signature” as the Capture Source.
  5. Select your desired foreground and background colors on the Signature Settings sub-tab.
  6. Select “Wintab” in the Tablet drop-down menu.
  7. Click [Sign].
  8. Use the Wacom tablet and pen to create the signature in the multimedia window.
  9. Click [Stop].
  10. If the signature is not acceptable, click [Clear] and then click [Sign] again. If the signature is acceptable, click [OK].
  11. Click [OK] again.

Applies To

 OnGuard 7.4 and later. 

Additional Information

 For hardware assembly and installation, refer to the Wacom product documentation.

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