System Administration

Cardholder thumbnail photo display in LenelS2 Console

12/08/2022Matthew Therolf
Symptom A cardholder photo does not display a thumbnail in LenelS2 Console Resolution In System Administration or the Cardholders module in LenelS2 Console, navigate to the photo and then select Edit . From the edit pane, crop the photo and th...

Custom Open Line Active on Door Contact & Rex Inputs

02/11/2022April Daniels
Symptom If a custom Open Line Event alarm is required from a door contact or REX input, the default Alarm Definitions device list will not display the individual reader inputs. Resolution To enable the reader inputs in the device list: Add...

The table events_restored does not exist in table

02/10/2022April Daniels
Symptom  When attempting to archive, purge, or run a report, you might encounter the error:   The table events_restored does not exist in table  Resolution  Run the following query against your Access Control database: &nbs...


02/10/2022Matthew Therolf

How to create Extended_ID card formats to support PIV/CAC or PIV-I

02/07/2022April Daniels
How to create Extended_ID card formats to support PIV/CAC or PIV-I Procedure Steps  For a 200 Bit PIV or CAC Card:   Navigate to System Administration > Administration > Card Formats and click [Add] to create a new card format....

Escort Required Configuration in OnGuard

02/07/2022April Daniels

Can I use an IP camera to take a Cardholders photo within OnGuard?

02/07/2022April Daniels
Can I use an IP camera to take a Cardholder photo within OnGuard? Procedure Steps  Yes, when using Axis cameras. Note: Axis IP Cameras are required (PTZ is also supported). Axis Streaming Assistant software is also required (free downloa...

Adding a reader or camera causea window to display for Device/Alarm assignment

02/07/2022April Daniels
Symptom When adding a new reader or camera into OnGuard, a window displays for  Device/Alarm Assignment .   Resolution  This issue is caused when System Permission Group permissions include the  Device Assignment setting, an...

Rabbit.log contains "Channel error on connection" entries

02/04/2022April Daniels
Symptom  The rabbit.log file contains these entries: Channel error on connection .. operation queue.declare caused a channel exception not_found: no queue 'Hostnamelnl.og.internal.execute.commands' in vhost 'LenelHost'  ...

Acuant Scanner Failed to create LnlSourceIDScan.IDScanPersonDataSource Error: 0x80040154

10/14/2021Content Creator
Symptom 1. In the OG System Administration when adding new cardholder and importing data by scanning the ID while using the Acuant Scanner, incorrect or missing data are inserted to the cardholder profile.   2. When Importing data using th...