Cardholder thumbnail photo display in LenelS2 Console


A cardholder photo does not display a thumbnail in LenelS2 Console


  1. In System Administration or the Cardholders module in LenelS2 Console, navigate to the photo and then select Edit.
  2. From the edit pane, crop the photo and then select OK to save.
  3. Navigate back to the Cardholders module and search for the cardholder to confirm the thumbnail now displays.


If the photo is available outside of OnGuard, confirm that its resolution is at least 242x322 pixels, but no greater than 1600x1200 pixels, as a larger photo will not display as a thumbnail. Crop to the supported size if larger, or re-take the photo if smaller.

Applies To

OnGuard 8.0, OnGuard 8.1

Additional Information

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