System Administration

Adding a reader or camera causea window to display for Device/Alarm assignment

02/07/2022April Daniels
Symptom When adding a new reader or camera into OnGuard, a window displays for  Device/Alarm Assignment .   Resolution  This issue is caused when System Permission Group permissions include the  Device Assignment setting, an...

Rabbit.log contains "Channel error on connection" entries

02/04/2022April Daniels
Symptom  The rabbit.log file contains these entries: Channel error on connection .. operation queue.declare caused a channel exception not_found: no queue 'Hostnamelnl.og.internal.execute.commands' in vhost 'LenelHost'  ...

Acuant Scanner Failed to create LnlSourceIDScan.IDScanPersonDataSource Error: 0x80040154

10/14/2021Content Creator
Symptom 1. In the OG System Administration when adding new cardholder and importing data by scanning the ID while using the Acuant Scanner, incorrect or missing data are inserted to the cardholder profile.   2. When Importing data using th...

Capture Camera not functioning or not supported work around

07/23/2021Content Creator
Symptom:  For situations where video or camera capture for cardholder images is not functioning, or where an unsupported camera is being used and live capture does not work. Resolution / Workaround:   Capture Cardholder photo us...

When running a report, error message states "an unnamed file contains an incorrect path."

07/23/2021Content Creator
Symptom:   Error Downloading report from the database: an unnamed file contains an incorrect path. Cause:  When trying to preview or print any report in System Administration the error would come up  Resolution: ...

System Admin hangs when bulk modifying access levels

06/09/2021Content Creator
Symptom System Admin hangs when bulk modifying access levels. From the application and system event logs, it is found that the DCOM permission is not enabled for the user.  DCOM error with event ID: 10016 is reported in WER. Resolution Ena...

Emails sent through the Global Output Server never arrive

03/29/2019April Daniels
Symptom Emails sent through the Global Output Server never arrive.   If sending manually from Alarm Monitoring, it might appear that the email was successfully sent, but the recipient never gets it. C:\ProgramData\Lnl\logs\GOSEmailAgent...

LNL-2210 onboard reader is missing the Aux Ouput tab in OnGuard 7.2

01/25/2019April Daniels
Symptom When using OnGuard and viewing the onboard reader that is connected to LNL-2210 under Readers and Doors , the Aux Outputs tab is missing in OnGuard   Resolution This issue was corrected in

How to fix Single Sign On using Windows 10 PC that is not on a domain

01/11/2019April Daniels
Symptom   Single Sign On is not working. The PC is Windows 10, and is not part of a domain.   Resolution Open a command prompt as an Administrator. Type net user . The default administrator is disabled.  Type ne...

How to Obtain WMI Events through Event Viewers

09/14/2018April Daniels
The WMITracing.log file contains the events that WMI traces. However, this is a binary file. To see these events in a human-readable format, use the Event Viewer.   By default, WMI events are not traced. This procedure describes how to use E...