How to run the Recovery CD to restore an LDVR to default

How to run the Recovery disc to restore an LDVR to default

Procedure Steps

1) Insert the recovery disc marked "Lenel Recovery" into the LDVR.

2) Power down the LDVR.

3) Remove the storage drives.
Note: It is only required to slide them out partially for the system does not detect them.

4) Power up the LDVR.

) Run the recovery until it is done (i.e. the operating system is installed and starts correctly).

6) Remove the recovery disc.

7) Power down the LDVR and insert the storage drives again.

8) Power up the LDVR.
9) Use Disk Management to import any foreign disks (Storage drives):

- Click the Start button, then select Control PanelAdministrative ToolsComputer Management.

- In the console tree, select Disk Management from Storage.

- Right-click on the foreign disk, and then click [Import Foreign Disk].

10) Stop all digital video services.

11) Run the drive volume configuration, and then select the appropriate drives. 

12) In Explorer, delete the Lenel persistence folder. 

13) Start the services for digital video from the desktop icon.

14) In Explorer, verify recording via writing to the storage drive.

15) Restart the Communication Server. 

16) Start a download from System Administration to the LDVR.
In the listing window, right-click on the LDVR, and then select Download.

17) Verify that the LDVR is online, and run live and recorded video from Alarm Monitoring.

Applies To

LDVR (All models)

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