How to troubleshoot an LDVR when no live video is displayed

How to troubleshoot an LDVR when no live video is displayed

Procedure Steps

Step-by-step troubleshooting should be done in the following order:

1) Check the camera status by running the spremctl.exe utility. (This utility is located in C:\Program Files\Lenel Systems\LDVR\ and the default password is 123qweasd.) Click [Enum] then click [Connect]. This will show the status of the cameras, such as whether any video is coming in. If you select the Show icons check box, you will see a more visual representation of the online status. (For example, a red X.)

2) Check the health of the disk drives by doing the following: In Control Panel navigate to Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.

Check the Windows Event Viewer by doing the following:

3) Check for any critical stop errors that may be causing the video problems.

4) Stop the Lenel DVR services.

5) Check Task Manager to see if hyperthreading is enabled. If it is, disable hyperthreading. To do so, reboot the DVR, enter CMOS setup (the default password is leneldv), and disable hyperthreading. (This can be done after steps 6, 7 and 8.)

6) Open the Lenel Disk Configuration Utility, check that the storage volumes specified are correct, and then click [OK].

7) Start the Lenel DVR services.

8) Start Alarm Monitoring on a client and see if video can now be viewed properly.

Applies To

LDVR (All versions)

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