How to update firmware on an LNVR or IntelligentVideo server

How to update firmware on an LNVR or IntelligentVideo server

Procedure Steps

1) Stop all Lenel services on the LNVR or IntelligentVideo server.

2) Copy the new firmware to the LNVR or IntelligentVideo server, and open setup.exe from the firmware installation folder.

3) If prompted to install prerequisite software such as MSXML 6 or .NET Framework 3.5, choose to install this software. Reboot the computer if prompted, then click the [Upgrade] button when the LNVR installer resumes.

4) Read the license agreement. If you agree to the terms of the license, select the appropriate radio button and click [Next].

5) Click [Install] to begin installation of the new firmware.

6) The Lenel Video Suite Tool is displayed. Verify that the default selections for the storage, security, and identity settings are correct. Make any required changes and click [Next] for each step of the tool.

7) Click [Finish] to exit the Lenel Video Suite Tool.

8) The Security Utility is displayed. Follow the on-screen instructions and click [Apply] to make the suggested changes.

9) The Security Utility must be run whenever a change is made to the operating system or the software. Click [OK] to acknowledge this message and [Close] to exit the Security Utility.

10) Click [Finish] to exit the firmware installer.

Applies To

LNVR (All versions)
IntelligentVideo (All versions)

Additional Information