Rabbit.log contains "Channel error on connection" entries


 The rabbit.log file contains these entries: Channel error on connection .. operation queue.declare caused a channel exception not_found: no queue 'Hostnamelnl.og.internal.execute.commands' in vhost 'LenelHost' 


 Alarm Monitoring clients attempt to contact the RabbitMQ message queue and connect to any communication server workstation configured in the System Administration > Access Control > Access Panels > Workstation field.

Important: If the communication server workstation does not exist or cannot connect to RabbitMQ, this error is shown in the rabbit.log file. 


 Ensure that all access panel workstations in the database are set to communication server hostnames that are valid.

Alternate workaround:

The rabbit.conf file located in C:\ProgramData\lnl\RabbitMQ can be set to a higher logging level if you do not want errors of this kind to be written in the log.

Example of the modified configuration file:

log.dir = C:\ProgramData\Lnl\logs

log.file = rabbit.log

log.file.level = critical

Once the rabbit.conf file is modified, stop the LS Message Broker service and wait for the process epmd.exe to stop in Task Manager. If this process does not stop, you must force stop the process.

Then restart the LS Message Broker service. 

Applies To

 OnGuard 7.6 and later 

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