Acuant Scanner Failed to create LnlSourceIDScan.IDScanPersonDataSource Error: 0x80040154


1. In the OG System Administration when adding new cardholder and importing data by scanning the ID while using the Acuant Scanner, incorrect or missing data are inserted to the cardholder profile.  

2. When Importing data using the Acuant Scanner, the error msg box is displayed:

“Internal logic error.: Failed to create LnlSourceIDScan.IDScanPersonDataSource: Error code”

next logged to the LenelError.log.

TIME:                     [10/08/2021 11:42:04 (-0400)]

SEVERITY:           Error

ERROR CODE:    0x20010001

PROGRAM:          SystemAdministration

FILE:                      DlgDataSourceList.cpp (LINE 136)

DETAILS:              Internal logic error.: Failed to create LnlSourceIDScan.IDScanPersonDataSource: Error code 0x80040154.


1. Calibrate the scanner using provided template. If the template is missed download it from manufacturer website.

2. Test different way of inserting the ID card example: face down, face up, long or short side in.  Find an optimal direction card is processed without any errors.  

3. If you are still observing issues, contact the Acuant tech support and ask for ID_TestUtility software for calibrating and testing the scanner. Provide current SDK version, it can be found in the Control Panel -> Programs and Features. The utility should match the SDK version. Using the tools, do following:

     3.1 Calibrate the scanner by inserting the calibration template sheet. 

     3.2Scan the ID card, next click on the “Process ID” button, observe extracted data, picture, and signature. Verify if data are       the same as on the scanned image and ID card. Retest different directions when inserting the scanned ID, find optimal position.

4. If there is a still problem extracting information when scanning certain card format ID, example: different state, issued year. Most likely the SDK has problem processing image from certain ID card template. Get new SDK version from latest OG on supplementary disk or contact directly Acuant technical support. Installed Acuant Scanner SDK and its driver version can be found in the Control Panel -> “Program and Future”.

5. Before installing new SDK, uninstall existing SDK with all Acuant drivers. Ensure the scanner is disconnected from workstation. Delete old remaining directory; C:\Program Files (x86)\Acuant\SDK, next reboot the workstation.

6. Install the new SDK, from installer list select only the scanner model you have, when finish reboot the workstation. 

7. Connect the scanner to the workstation. If the scanner was connected during SDK installation and you did not reboot workstation, disconnect it, wait a few seconds, next reconnect it again. Verify its proper status in Control Panel -> Device Manager, and Device and Printers after installation.

8. In Device and Printers double click on the Scanner icon, it will launch the scanner application interface. Test scanner installation, by scanning image sample or ID cards. 

9. Ensure the Scanner application or the Acuant ID_TestUtility is closed, otherwise the Scanner could not be detected in the System Administration, during configuration process described in next step. 

10. Open the System Administration, if application was open during the SDK installation process, close it and reopen again. The SA application may not detect installed scanner driver, during SDK installation process.

11. In the System Administration open the Tab Administration -> Workstation, ensure the workstation you connect the scanner is added under this tab. In next step configure the scanner. Click the Tab “Encoders/Scanner”, add the scanner to this workstation. Ensure the scanner is connected to selected workstation and its status is online during this process.

12. Click on the Tab Administration, then from pop up menu select Cardholder option. In the Cardholder form Select “Add”, next “Import” button. The Select Import Source dialog should pop up.

Select the CCS Scanner, ensure the check in mark is on it and its status is online.

13. When clicked on the “Import” button there is an error message box pop displayed: “Internal logic error: Failed to create LnlSourceIDScan.IDScanPersonDataSource Error code 0x80040154” and logged to LenelError.log.  Most likely the scanner device is not detected, configured properly, or the SDK driver’s installation has a problem. Verify Scanner device was added correctly in the SA Administration->Workstation->Encoders/Scanner Tab. Check scanner status in the Device Manger. Disconnect, next reconnect the scanner device. If still problem observed delete the scanner in the SA Administration->Workstation Tab. Restart the entire workstation, next launch the System Administration and add the scanner again. Ensure during this process any other external software is not connected or using the scanner. Repeat adding New Cardholder by Importing personal data from scanned ID process again.

Applies To

All OnGuard Versions.

Additional Information

1. The Acuant Scanner SDK is installed by default with the OG installation. The scanner should be ready to go, no additional driver installation is required.

2. The OG does not process scanned ID image when importing data. The Acuant SDK does all this work, next data are transferred to System Administration when importing Cardholder data.   

3. If the OG installation is too old, the installed by default Acuant Scanner drivers can be out of date and could not work properly with the latest operating system. The scanner could not be detected by OG when importing data from scanned ID image, as a result error msg displayed and log to LenelError.log: “Failed to create LnlSourceIDScan.IDScanPersonDataSource: Error code 0x80040154”.

Check the scanner is connected. Delete next add the scanner in the Administration -> workstation Tab. If still problem the SDK reinstallation or upgrade could be recommended. New SDK can be found on the latest supplementary disk or obtained directly from Acuant technical support.

4. If scanned ID processed data are incorrect, using the supplied template sheet and the ID_TestUtility recalibrate, next retest the scanner. If there is still problem, the SDK could not have implemented scanned ID template. Upgrade the SDK to higher version. If still problem, contact directly the Acuant Tech Support to resolve the problem.   

5. The Acuant ID_TestUtility can be obtained from Acuant through its website. Register, next contact with customer service vie email.  Ensure the SDK and the utility tool are same version.

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