Can I use an IP camera to take a Cardholders photo within OnGuard?

Can I use an IP camera to take a Cardholder photo within OnGuard?

Procedure Steps

 Yes, when using Axis cameras.

Note: Axis IP Cameras are required (PTZ is also supported). Axis Streaming Assistant software is also required (free download).


  1. Install Axis Streaming Assistant software on the client PC used for capturing cardholder photos.
  2. Add the Axis IP camera to the streaming assistant software (if you have multiple Axis IP cameras, you can add them all).
  3. Open the OnGuard cardholder window and modify the cardholder.
  4. Click [Capture].
  5. Confirm that the Capture source is set to WDM Video.
  6. In the WDM Video Settings tab on the right, click the drop-down to select the correct IP camera.
  7. Optional – The [Adjust Picture] button will activate PTZ controller with the optional joystick.
  8. Freeze the frame to capture the cardholder's picture.
  9. Click [OK] [OK].


Applies To


Tested with Axis V5915 PTZ camera 

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