Cannot import Cameras from recording server into Lenel OnGuard


When trying to "Import Cameras" from a newly added Recording Server to Lenel, the list of available cameras is blank.
An error similar to this might be present in the Lenel logs at the following location: C:\program files (x86)\OnGuard\logs\LenelError.txt:
Time:[01/24/2017 15:49:58]
Severity: Warning
Error Code: 0x10010008
Program: Lnlcomsrvr
File: PortThreadManager.cpp (LINE 400)
Details: General Warning.: Failed to download panel (123)
The cause is based on permissions to access the configuration in Milestone.


Add the name of the server hosting the Lenel Communication Server to the Administrator's Role in XProtect Corporate's Management Client.

Applies To

OnGuard and Milestone integration

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