Fetching configuration failed during Lenel ACM integration setup


When attempting to fetch the Lenel configuration from the AccessControl database, the XProtect Management Client/Application access control plugin setup dialog generates the following or similar error:
Unable to fetch configuration. Error: Fetching configuration failed.


  • ACM Service is off. The service might be stopped. If so, start the service.
  • Credentials are incorrect. Verify the credentials are valid by logging into SQL using SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) or by using a UDL file with the credentials. You can verify database remote connectivity by creating a text file, renaming it to test.udl, open the UDL file, and provide the hostname and Lenel username/password to attempt to log into the database from the client machine.
  • The database uses integrated security. If you believe that you have entered the correct user name and password (and optionally, the database instance name if different from default), try checking DbUsesIntegratedSecurity.
  • No DNS resolution between servers. Lenel and Milestone XProtect need to be able to resolve each other's host names. Ping the host names from the servers in question to test. Add the DNS entries or update your Windows "hosts" file, if needed.
  • The default SQL instance name (MSSQLSERVER) is provided. The Management Client/Application access control setup dialog does not need the default instance name. Clear the instance name field.
  • SQL and Milestone servers are not time synchronized. Time must be synchronized to within 5 minutes of each other to allow authentication.
  • The Lenel license does not have the DataConduIT feature enabled, or DataConduIT is not set to generate software events. Verify these are enabled by opening System Administration > Administration > System Options and ensure that "Generate software events" for DataConduIT is enabled.
  • A firewall (such as Windows Firewall) is blocking communications between SQL and Milestone servers. Disable the firewall temporarily as a troubleshooting measure. Ensure that TCP port 1433 and UDP port 1434 are reachable from the ACM server to the SQL server, and that TCP port 8443 is reachable from the Event Server to the ACM server.
  • SQL permissions are not correct. Grant the SQL account sysadmin rights as well as database ownership (DBO) over the Milestone (usually Surveillance) and Lenel (usually AccessControl) databases.
  • Required protocols or ports are not being used by SQL Server. Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager and verify that Named Pipes and TCP/IP are enabled, and that TCP port 1433 is being used.
  • Remote connections are not allowed in SQL. Ensure that remote connections are allowed for the instance by logging into SSMS and right-clicking the server instance name (top object in the Object Explorer window) and selecting the "Connections" page. The checkbox is near the bottom of the dialog box.

Applies To

Milestone and OnGuard

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