Access Denials, Grants and Other Badge Events Shows Incorrect Events


Running the "Access Denials, Grants and Other Badge Events" report as single-segment user shows incorrect events. If the same report is run by an all-segments user, the correct events are shown. The following steps reproduce the issue:


  1. Log into System Administration as a single-segment user.
  2. From the Administration menu, select Reports, and then the Reader Reports tab.
  3. Select "Access Denials, Grants and Other Badge Events".
  4. Select the readers you want for the report from the Reader Filter section.
  5. Select the date/time range for the report.
  6. Click [Preview]. The report will generate with incorrect events.



This issue was resolved in OnGuard 7.3.345.425. Contact Technical Support to obtain an FTP link to this update.

Applies To

OnGuard 7.3.345

Additional Information

Note: This issue will also be resolved in the release version of OnGuard 7.4.