What versions of OnGuard are currently supported by LenelS2?


What versions of OnGuard are currently supported by LenelS2?


LenelS2 supports the following OnGuard versions:

Released VersionRelease DateCommercial NameSupport Ends
8.2.524June 2023OnGuard 8.2June 2026
8.1.639.195April 2023OnGuard 8.1 Update 1June 2025
8.1.639June 2022OnGuard 8.1June 2025
8.0.458.319August 2022OnGuard 8.0 Update 3January 2024
8.0.458.316July 2022OnGuard Update 2January 2024
8.0.458.105August 2021OnGuard 8.0 Update 1January 2024
8.0.458January 2021OnGuard 8.0January 2024
7.6.382.7861November 2022OnGuard 7.6 Update 4December 2023
7.6.382.5181January 2022OnGuard 7.6 Update 3December 2023
7.6.382.2711November 2020OnGuard 7.6 Update 2December 2023
7.6.382.521July 2020OnGuard 7.6 Update 1December 2023
7.6.3821November 2019OnGuard 7.6December 2023


Support for OnGuard 7.6 was extended through December 2023.

The following OnGuard versions are out of support:

Released VersionRelease DateCommercial NameSupport Ended
7.5.375December 2018OnGuard 7.5December 2021
7.4.457December 2017OnGuard 7.4December 2020
7.3.345November 2016OnGuard 7.3November 2019

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OnGuard (all versions)


Additional Information

All major OnGuard software releases are supported for 3 years from the date of commercial release.