How to obtain technical support for OAAP integrations

How to obtain technical support for OAAP Video Management System integrations with OnGuard.

Procedure Steps

If you have purchased an OAAP integrated Video Solution and are looking for technical support, follow the steps below to obtain assistance in its setup and operation:

  1. Before installing any software, obtain integration documentation that includes the integration setup process. The documentation can be provided by the OAAP partner, or LenelS2 can provide it.
  2. If there are issues after installing the integration, call Lenel Technical Support to ensure proper steps have been taken during the integration in terms of the OnGuard configuration.
  3. If issues continue and it has been confirmed that the integration steps were followed, further troubleshooting will be handled by the OAAP partner technical support team. Contact information for this team can be found in the integration documentation.
  4. The OAAP partner can contact the LenelS2 OAAP team during troubleshooting for further assistance. If the issue is confirmed as an integration issue, the OAAP partner will escalate to provide a solution. In the case the issue requires further investigation by Lenel, LenelS2’s Technical Support can be contacted again to see if escalation is required.

Applies To

OnGuard (all versions)

Additional Information

For more information on certifications of OAAP Video Management Systems integrations, visit the Lenel Partner Center, select the Downloads section, and then choose OAAP in the Choose product or service drop-down.