How to determine the compatibility for OnGuard versions, components, and firmware

How can I determine the current compatibility for OnGuard versions, components, and firmware?

Procedure Steps

The OnGuard Compatibility Guide lists currently supported OnGuard versions 8.0 - 8.2, components, and firmware. 

To access the OnGuard Compatibility Guide:
  1. Log into the LenelS2 Partner Site:
  2. Click the Choose product or service drop-down, select OnGuard.
  3. Click the Choose version drop-down, select a release OnGuard 8.0 through OnGuard 8.2.
  4. Click the Choose type of download, select Compatibility Charts.
    Note: With versions prior to OnGuard 7.6 and earlier, the Compatibility Charts are available separately.
The OnGuard Compatibility Guide covers compatibility for:
  • Badge printers
  • Databases
  • Digital video products
  • Language packs
  • Access control hardware
  • BlueDiamond™ support
  • Browser clients
  • Cardholder Self Service
  • Policies
  • Visitor Self Service
  • Operating systems
  • Third-party applications
  • Third-party capture devices
  • Third-party encoders
  • Third-party hardware
  • Virtualization products

Applies To

All versions of OnGuard

Additional Information