Unable To Obtain Badge Field Data From Database


The following error may occur when attempting to print a badge:
Unable to obtain badge field data from database.  
Additional Information: Database error (Imaging Error Code=0x6E93.) The record for this cardholder is missing information needed for printing. The most likely cause is a missing value for one or more drop-down list fields. To fix the problem, search up the record (via badge ID), modify the record, verify that each drop-down field to be printed has a value, and click OK. Badge layout in error: BadgeLayoutName (ID=7) 


  1. Log into System Administration.
  2. Navigate to Administration > List Builder.
  3. Select Validate Lists for each item in the badge layout that uses data from a drop down field.
  4. Attempt printing the badge again.

Applies To

OnGuard (all versions)

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