“Replicator action not found in queue and is not currently running.” Found in Replicator action history


When viewing the history of a scheduled Replicator action, you might find errors in the history that begin with the text “Replicator action not found in queue and is not currently running". Replicator and Linkage server remain running and stay on their schedule, yet this message might appear.


This message usually indicates overlapping Replicator schedules among Regions, or even at the same Region. Ensure that the actions are staggered and use a reasonable schedule. For example, scheduling System Table Downloads every minute is considered unreasonable. Also check the LenelError.log at the timeframe of the action error to see if there were other errors logged at that time. It is possible for two actions to conflict over database resources, causing this issue and the appropriate messages to be logged in LenelError.log.

Applies To

OnGuard versions prior to 7.1

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