Resolving No Audio or Poor Audio Quality


Resolving no audio or poor audio quality


To receive an audio notification, the OnGuard application server must have a sound card installed.
For virtual machines, the server hosting the virtual machine must have a sound card.  Without this, audio notifications will not play on client machines.

1. No audio as result of incorrect setup:

a). Check the sound card in the computer. Ensure that mute is not selected and that the volume settings are correct.

b). Check if Enable audio support is selected under Setup > System Options > Security > Audio Support.

c). Check that the correct audio input source is selected under Setup > Video & Audio > Audio Settings.


2. Poor audio quality:

          a). Stuttering - Reduce the number of listeners and viewers. Decrease image resolution and  compression.

          b). Unsynchronized audio and video using H.264 - Synchronize the product's date and time settings with an NTP server. Go to Setup > System Options > Date & Time.

          c). Distorted audio- Check that the correct audio input source is selected in Setup > Video & Audio > Audio Settings.

          d). Feedback loops - Feedback loops might appear in full-duplex mode. Try moving the microphone or the speaker, or use half-duplex mode instead.

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