High-Low addressing for PIM and ENGAGE Gateway


Multi-Dropped Devices

The PIM and ENGAGE Gateway must be configured with a unique RS-485 communication address within each downstream port. The “low door” and “high door” range for the PIM allocates the number of readers that will communicate with the PIM or gateway. Valid reader addresses include 0 - 254. Reader address 170 must not be used.

It is recommended that the reader address range within each PIM be defined as a range of 16. This allows for adding a reader in the future without re-addressing the address ranges on other PIMs. Use a reader range of 10 within each ENGAGE gateway.

Important: There are not enough reader addresses to support a full complement of 16 locks on all 16 PIMs. Therefore, care must be used not to overlap or duplicate lock addresses on each of the communication ports.

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ENGAGE Gateway

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