Invalid selection for field error when trying to select a drop down option on the cardholder form


"Invalid selection for field" error occurs after creating a new user or modifying an existing user from the Location or Division drop-down menus.  New selections added into List Builder can be chosen without any issues.


  1. Log out of System Administration.
  2. Back up current AccessControl database.
  3. Right-click on AccessControl and select New Query.
  4. Paste the following query then execute:
    update dept set NAME = RTRIM(NAME)

    update title set NAME = RTRIM(NAME)

    update location set NAME = RTRIM(NAME)

    update division set NAME = RTRIM(NAME)
  5. Log into System Administration and test if the selection can now be made.

Applies To

OnGuard (all versions)

Additional Information

Note: This issue may occur with other drop-down menus than Location or Divition.  Find the appropriate table in the Database for the drop down that is having an issue.  Run a single line of the above query replacing the table name used with the one the issue is occurring with.