Cannot select network printers when configuring a Global I/O or scheduled task to print a report


Network printers cannot be selected when you configure Schedule Report as the action type to be executed by a Global I/O or from Scheduler.

In System Administration, complete the following steps in order to reproduce the issue:

1) From the Administration menu, select Scheduler, and then click [Add] to open the Add Action Wizard window.

2) (Optional) From the Access Control menu, select Global I/O.
- Create a new global I/O.
- On the Output Action tab, click [Add] to open the Add Action Wizard window.

3) From the Objects list, select "Schedule Report," and then click [Next]. The Schedule Report Properties window is displayed.

4) On the Schedule Report tab:
- Select the Send report to printer radio button.
- Select the Select printer below radio button.
- Expand the drop-down. Note there are no network printers available to be selected in this drop-down.


To resolve the issue, the LS Linkage Server service needs to be run by a user with sufficient permissions to the desired network printers.

Complete the following steps in order to resolve the issue:

1) On the computer running the LS Linkage Server service, click the Start button, and then select Run. 

2) Type services.msc in the Open field, and then click [OK].

2) In the Windows Services window, right-click on LS Linkage Server, and then select Properties.

3) In the Properties window, select the Log On tab.

4) Select This account, and then enter the credentials of a user with sufficient permissions to the desired network printers.

5) Click [Apply], and then [OK] to save the change.

6) Restart the LS Linkage Server service.

At this point, the desired network printers should be available.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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