How to use FormsDesigner on an Enterprise system

How to use FormsDesigner on an Enterprise system

Procedure Steps

To create or modify the OnGuard form(s) on an Enterprise system:

1) Stop the LS Replicator service.

2) Manually run Replicator on all Regional Server nodes to complete any pending (To Do) transactions. Select both upload and download.

3) Back up the Regional and Master databases.

4) Create/modify the form(s) using FormsDesigner on the Master database.

5) Save the changes. Lenel recommends using the Save and Preserve Data option so no cardholder information is lost.

6) Manually run User defined form Download on each Regional Server node, starting at the servers logically located directly under the Master server.

7) Restart the LS Linkage Server service and then start the LS Replicator service.

Refer to the FormsDesigner User Guide for detailed instructions on using FormsDesigner.

Applies To

OnGuard Enterprise (All versions)

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