How to test Matrix Switcher in HyperTerminal

How to test a matrix switcher using HyperTerminal

Procedure Steps

Before conducting this test, the OnGuard system should be fully configured with the matrix switcher connected. The LS Communications Server should be running, and Alarm Monitoring must be open.


Set up the hardware

1) The matrix switcher is connected to the host machine via a serial cable. Disconnect the serial cable from the COM port of the host computer.

Connect the null-modem cable to that same COM port.

Connect the other end of the null-modem cable to any available COM port.

Set up the software
Launch HyperTerminal and connect using the second COM port to which you connected (step 3 above). Configure the port to the same settings as the matrix switcher in System Administration.

For event-driven commands, generate the event with Alarm Monitoring running.  For PTZ commands, launch video for the camera in Alarm Monitoring and try to pan, tilt, zoom.

Interpretation of results 

If you are seeing garbled ASCII in the HyperTerminal session then redo step 4 and try again. Your baud rates are most likely incorrect in HyperTerminal.


If you are seeing nothing in HyperTerminal, then be sure either Alarm Monitoring is running for event-driven video, or the Communication Server is running for PTZ video. If that does not resolve it, there is a problem either in the OnGuard configuration or the COM port is faulted.

In the HyperTerminal session, if you are seeing the exact same string you are supposed to be sending, then everything is fine in the OnGuard configuration and up to the COM port. The problem is either incorrect syntax going to the matrix switcher, the communication parameters set up for the matrix switcher, or the matrix switcher itself is faulted. If you suspect incorrect syntax, you can leave the null-modem cable connected to the HyperTerminal session and attach the other end to the matrix switcher. This will allow you type the commands directly to the matrix switcher so you can dial in the strings you will need configured in OnGuard.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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