How to recover from ''Database disk image is malformed'' error in LS Message Broker


In an Enterprise environment, if a machine that the LS Message Broker is running on shuts down unexpectedly, it is possible that the SQLite database used for durability will become corrupt. This is a known issue with SQLite.
When the machine starts back up, the LS Message Broker will fail to start and in the MessageBroker.log, you will see the following:
"critical Unexpected error: database disk image is malformed". As a result, replication of cardholder data to node 'X' will stop and ToDo transactions will start to pile up at the other nodes for node 'X'.


1. Locate the SQLite database (location is specified in the MessageBroker.log)
2. Rename the SQLite database
3. In Replication Administration, open the Enterprise Transaction screen for the parent of node 'X' (if this is the Master, skip to step 5)

    a. Transactions to View: To do
    b. Transactions for: node 'X'
    c. Sort Status column

4. Select all "To do - Awaiting Processing at Destination" transactions and choose "Retry Selected"
5. Repeat steps 3-4 for all children of node 'X'
6. Start the LS Message Broker for node 'X'

Applies To

OnGuard Enterprise 2014 (

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