Troubleshooting the LS Site Publication Server

Troubleshooting the LS Site Publication Server

Procedure Steps

Starting in OnGuard 7.0, replication is now dependent on two new services, the LS Message Broker and the LS Site Publication Server. There may be times when you need to restart these services. Here are some tips for restarting:

  • Typically the LS Message Broker should not need to be restarted unless making configuration changes to the broker itself
  • If the LS Site Publication Server at the Master loses connection to the LS Message Broker (service restarted) at the Region, it will wait to try to publish transactions again. There may be a delay in transaction publication to the Region.
  • If all services need to be restarted, here is the suggested sequence:
  1. Stop the LS Site Publication Server on all sites.
  2. Stop the LS Message Broker on all sites.
  3. Start the LS Message Broker on all sites.
  4. Start LS Site Publication Server on all sites, but start the Master last.
Perform these steps if additional troubleshooting is required:
  1. Run the Diagnostic Tool in Replication Administration to ensure that all necessary services are running.
  2. Run the Security Utility on both the source and the target to ensure all necessary ports are configured correctly.
  3. Confirm that the LS Site Publication Server service is running with proper database credentials. If the application.config is configured for Windows Authentication, then the service needs to run under a Windows user with database access.
  4. In Replication Administration, check the Enterprise Transactions screen to see if you can identify a problem there, such as a buildup of transactions, failures, items awaiting decision, and so on.
  5. Ensure that both the Messsage Broker Location (System Administration > System Options) and Replication Location (Replication Administration > Enterprise Server Configuration) are using Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN).
  6. Check the error logs, specifically LnlLogError.log.
  7. Enable verbose logging for the Site Publication Server. Open the Configuration Editor at on the workstation running the service and select ‘Show advanced settings’. In the Verbose Logging section, select LS Site Publication Server and then click [Save]. There is no need to restart any services, but remember to disable the verbose option when done in order to prevent this file from growing too large.
  8. Another option is to stop the Site Publication Server as a service and run it using the Start Menu, and then from the application view you can select the desired logging level so you’ll be able to see the messages in the user interface. Just remember that sometimes restarting a service can ‘fix’ the problem.

Applies To

OnGuard 7.0 and later

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