How to display Badge Status in ''Invalid Badge'' events in Alarm Monitoring

How to enable the display of the Badge Status text for "Invalid Badge" events in Alarm Monitoring

Procedure Steps

To enable the display of badge status text in "Invalid Badge" events in Alarm Monitoring:

1) Start System Administration.

2) From the Administration menu, select Cardholder Options.

3) On the General Cardholder Options tab, click [Modify].

4) Select the Use invalid badge event text check box, and then click [OK].

After this setting has been selected, "Invalid Badge" events in Alarm Monitoring will display the badge status text as it is set on the Badge form in the Cardholders folder in System Administration. (The Status is only shown in Search or Modify Mode.)

For example:

"Invalid Badge" event becomes "Invalid Badge - Lost" in the Alarm Description field in Alarm Monitoring for a badge with the Status set to "Lost."

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information

The invalid badge event text is a system administrative, user-enabled feature that allows configured text to appear when an invalid badge event is received.