How to configure an ILS reader

How to configure an ILS reader

Procedure Steps

1) Reader types – magnetic, PROX and iCLASS
For PROX and iCLASS – select card formats (up to 4 formats).
Also, card formats can be set in different order (priority) – in this order reader will check card formats encoded on a badge.

2) In the tab ILS:
“Unlocked mode with card” check this and Device owner card can put lock in unlocked mode by double swipe during strike time.
“Blocked mode with card” – when checked, special card of the type “Blocking card” can put lock into blocked mode. In this mode regular badges can not open the lock (unless the badge has “Override blocking” privileges).
“Lock when lever is released” – when checked you can cut the strike time by set the lever in horizontal position
“AFC settings” are straightforward – every checkbox corresponds to what the system will do if it checked.
“Monitor latch, door sensor and deadbolt” – if not checked, the alarms and status of the door and deadbolt will not be reported in Alarm Monitoring.

Applies To

OnGuard(All versions)
Lenel ILS

Additional Information