How to configure a video pop-up on alarm

How to configure video pop-up on alarm 

Procedure Steps

From System Administration, complete the following steps: 
  1. Create a Custom Alarm:
  • From the Monitoring menu, select Alarms.
  • Click [Add ].
  • Give the alarm a name.
  • From the Device list, click on the device you want to link. A check mark indicates the device is selected.
  • From the Event list, select the event you want to link to the device, and then click the ">>" button to assign the device-event pair to the alarm.
  • Under the name, select the Display Alarm, Active Alarm, and Must Acknowledge check boxes.
  • Choose a Priority level for the alarm.
  • Click [OK].
  • Create a Camera Link:
  • From the Video menu, select Digital Video.
  • On the Device - Camera Links tab, click [Add].
  • From the Device Type drop-down, select the type of device that was configured in the Custom Alarm.
  • Select Search Device by Panel Filter, and then select the panel that is upstream of the hardware. A check mark indicates the device is selected.
  • Click [Next].
  • Choose the Video Recorder from the drop-down.
  • Double-click on the camera from the left pane to be linked. It should display in the Linked Camera(s) list.
  • Click [Save Link(s)].
  • Click [Finished].
  • Create an Alarm-Video Configuration:
  • From the Video menu, select Digital Video.
  • Select the Alarm - Video Configuration tab.
  • From the Alarm list, select the Custom Alarm configured in the step 1, and then click [Modify].
  • Select the Automatically Launch Video Player on Alarm checkbox
  • Select either Live Only or Live and Recorded.
  • Select Start in Matrix Mode for Multiple Video Streams.
  • Click [OK].

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions) 

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