Getting Invalid Card Format messages prior to releasing the door with valid credentials



When a valid credential is presented to a reader there is a 3-4 second delay before the door opens. The reader LED will flash green on the credential presentation, then after the 3-4 second delay, the reader LED will show steady green until the latch timeout expires. In Alarm Monitoring, there will be 3-4 Invalid Card Format messages seen and then an Access Granted message will appear.

If the lock status is manually changed in Alarm Monitoring, the lock responds instantly but the Invalid Card Format message will be seen.  This behavior has been observed with M series hardware.


  1. Make sure that the WIU's Door Contact and REX inputs have been terminated with the end of Line Resistors, or the resistors are properly installed at the field device
  2. Make sure that the Door Contact and REX are programmed for Supervised Normally Open or Supervised Normally Closed depending upon the normal state of the field device.  This programming is performed in the Controls tab on the Readers form.
  3. Make sure that Reader Module is programmed for Supervised F/2F Board Edge Inputs.  This programming is performance in the General tab on the Readers form.

Applies To

FCWnx Migrations
All OnGuard Versions

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