Under WBEMTEST Notification Queries fail.


Running wbemtest everything works correctly. LNL_BADGE and LNL_CARDHOLDER are  available. You are able to run queries, but running a Notification Query you get Access Denied.


This is caused because a misconfiguration on the Access Control LNL_Directory table
There are 2 different solution for this problem:
a. Single Sign on is enable for the SA account
b. Log on to Windows with the account that is linked to SA
c. Linkage Server Service is running
d. Dataconduit Server Service running as the Local System account.
e. WBEMTEST shows all the objects including Lnl_Cardholder and Lnl_Badge
Solution 1:
a. In the folder C:\Program Files\OnGuard\doc\DataConduIT Troubleshooting\Domain.exe
b. Check if the NT4 and W2K domain are EXACTLY the same, if they are not.
c. Go to System Administration, Administration, directories, Add a new directory, select a Windows NT 4 domain, the Domain has to be exactly the name that Domain.exe showed under NT4.
d. Go to users, select SA, select directory Accounts, click Modify, click Link, select the NT4 directory that you just created. Look for exactly the same Windows user that was assigned for Single Sign On for SA. Link it.
Solution 2:
1. Run domain.exe located in: C:\Program Files\OnGuard\doc\DataConduIT Troubleshooting
2. Make a note of the NT4Domain (exactly as it is displayed)
3. Open Management Studio
4. Run the following query: select * from lnl_directory
5. For the domain that is used for the single sign for the SA user, change the value under DIR_HOSTNAME to the value you got from the NT4Domain
6. For example, if the LNL_DIRECTORYID is 2, you will run a query similar to this:

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions) 

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