How to set up and run an Scp Debug session running the Communication Server as an application (for short-term logging)

How to run an Scp Debug file for short-term logging

Procedure Steps

1) If the Communication Server service is installed on a computer running Windows 7 or above, User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled. Open Control Panel and select User Accounts. Select User accounts a second time then select Change User Account Control settings. Move the slide bar to never notify and select OK.

2) Stop the Communication Server service and then start the Communication Server as an application. To do this click the Start button, and then select All Programs > OnGuard  > Communication Server.

Double-click on the new icon that displays in the Notification area in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The icon appears on a Taskbar button in the Taskbar. Click on the Taskbar button.

4) From the Diagnostic menu, select Scp Debug File. A check mark appears next to the menu item.

5) Reproduce the issue you are trying to capture several times in the same debug session if possible. Document the times the critical events were generated for cross-reference later.

6) Allow a few minutes to pass to insure the data is written to the file.

7) From the Diagnostic menu, select Scp Debug File. The check mark next to the menu item disappears.

8) You will find the two files (SCPDebug.txt, and SCPDebugc.txt) in the root of the OnGuard directory (C:\Program Files\OnGuard\). Collect both files for review.

9) If your Communication Server hosts multiple ISCs, check the database for the value in the PanelID column that matches that panel's name using the following query:

Select * from Accesspane

The standard name of the panel is listed under name and the panel ID is listed under the PanelID column.

10) Collect both files, as well as any relevant logs, reports, screenshots, etc.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information

The benefit of running an automated debug versus a manual debug is that the automated debug captures immediate Communication Server failures without a lot of preparation. This is generally used when communication initialization is not a suspect.