Enterprise transactions fail with a ‘Not On Source’ message


The User sees an increase in failed Enterprise transactions with the “Failed ____ Not On Source” in the Enterprise Transactions view in Replication Administration. If you do some troubleshooting you may notice that there is a legitimate delete transaction that was processed successfully yet did not properly ‘clean up’ the failing add/modify transaction as intended.


The issue was caused by a time discrepancy between the database and application server, specifically the application server running Replicator. Any Enterprise transaction logged to the database uses the database’s time, and then Replicator uses the local workstation’s time when querying that table. In this situation the database server was over 10 minutes behind the application server which was causing Replicator to pick up transactions that it shouldn’t have due to the time difference.
Once the times was synchronized between the two machines the issues started to decrease.

Applies To

OnGuard Enterprise (All versions) 

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