Unable to install 6.5.624 HF0.2 on RKP system


When installing Incremental Hot Fix 0.2 on a Bosch ReadykeyPRO system, the following message may appear:
"There is no compatible installed version of the software for this Hot fix.  This Hot fix is compatible only with version 6.5.624 of the software.  This Installation will exit."


Go to the registry and make the following changes:
For 32-bit systems:



 For 64-bit systems:



Run the Incremental Hot Fix 0.2 installation package again.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)
Bosch ReadykeyPRO 6.5.624 HF0.2 

Additional Information

After performing the resolution above, the Import Utility and the Device Discovery Console show the OnGuard splash screens instead of the Bosch ReadykeyPRO splash screens. Other than this, the Incremental Hot Fix 0.2 installation package works as expected.