How to install a language pack on an English operating system

How to install an OnGuard language pack on an English version of Microsoft Windows

Procedure Steps

1) Open Windows Control Panel, and select Regional and Language Options.

2) Select the desired language in the following drop-down list boxes:
Regional Options tab, Standard and formats drop-down
Regional Options tab, Location drop-down
Advanced tab, Language for non-Unicode programs drop-down

3) Install any necessary hot fixes.

Note: Some language packs require hot fixes to be installed prior to their installation. Please refer to the release notes that accompany the language pack.

4) Install the language pack. The language pack is contained in an MSI file that is obtained from the Lenel web site.

5) Run Database Translator (DBT). This must be run AFTER all regional options are set to the desired language.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)
Windows (All versions)

Additional Information

Installing language packs on an English version of Microsoft Windows is not supported or recommended because there are some strings (and error messages) that are pulled from the operating system. If your operating system is in English, these strings (and error messages) will be in English - thus making it appear like OnGuard is not fully translated.

For more information on Language Packs: