Open Access Credentials Module troubleshooting


Issue with Webapps 


  1. Web Application Client; (CSS as example)
    1. If login fails run the following to determine if Open Access returning data;
  2. If directory look up fails test Open Access Connection;
  3. If no version returns test NGINX connection;
  4.  If no defined fail points at this time can be found;
    • Then hit the F12 key to place the web browser into a debug view to capture error details if present.
  5. NGINX connection;
    •  the web service provides the connection between the web client and Open Access API.
    • If connection is failing to be established 
      • Then locate the NGINX directory/logs/error.log file for details.
  6. Open Access;
    • If up to this point no direct failures
    • Then verify Open Access is stable or if any error messages displayed. 
      • See OpenAccess.log in standard log file path.  
      • This will typically be needed for data related errors and optional verbose mode logging is available. 
        1. To turn this on open the Configuration Editor
        2.  Select “Show Advanced”.
        3. Once the advanced options are displayed placed a check box in the Open Access option
        4. Save the changes.  
    • This will provide more details to data related errors that may be present.
  7. Database; 
    • OpenAccess records added or updated through the API are directly added to the Database
    • Updates that need to be pushed down to the panel are added to the FailedRPC table and then standard RPC processing takes over and process the records down to the LS Communication Server every 60 seconds.  Examples of these include add/remove badge transactions.

Applies To

OnGuard 7.4 and above

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