OnGuard 8.0 Client Update Service fails with "A fatal error occurred during installation. The installation is running in an unsupported, reduced-interface mode."


When updating a client from a previous version of OnGuard, during the update download the following error is shown:


Perform the following procedure:

  1. Verify that the Client Update Service is configured to interact with the desktop by choosing Properties, logging in, then verifying that “Allow service to interact with the desktop” is selected.
  2. Verify that the Client Update Service is configured to Manual start, and that the Client Update process is not running.
  3. Log into System Administration on the client. It should indicate that the versions are not compatible and ask if you want to update.
  4. When you click [Yes], the Client Update Service starts, and the update downloads and installs.
  5. After the update is complete, run Setup Assistant. It does not start automatically after the client update completes.

Applies To

OnGuard 7.6 and later

Additional Information

The Client Update Service runs only as needed. It should be set to Manual start so that it can auto-start as needed.

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