Napco Trilogy Networx Wireless Lock Gateway will not come online


Napco Trilogy Networx Wireless Lock Gateway will not come online. When running the Lantronix Device Installer, the firmware shows (or a similar firmware). When running the Napco Manager, the firmware shows 5.43.


 The Trilogy Networx Wireless Gateways are shipped from the factory with the alarm lock firmware pre-installed. You must change the firmware to the correct version for OnGuard.
  1. Factory default the gateway:

    1. Make sure the Gateway is connected to a router (or network). The Gateway cannot be reset wirelessly.
    2. With power applied, press and hold the RESET button. The red LED lights continuously.
    3. Continue to press and hold the RESET button. The red LED will flash.
    4. When the red LED lights continuously again, release the RESET button. The red LED turns off.
    5. After several seconds, the red LED will flash again.
  2. Discover the Gateway using the Lantronix device installer and set the IP address only.
  3. Open the Napco Device Manager program. 

    1. This is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\OnGuard.
    2. It is automatically installed on the computer that has the Napco accessory add-on installed.
  4. Run the Napco Device Manager and find the Gateway. 
  5. Upgrade the gateway firmware. The installer automatically chooses the correct firmware for this version of wireless locks.
  6. Discover the lock using the Napco Manager. 
  7. Link it to the gateway.
  8. Upgrade the firmware on the lock.
  9. Configure the lock in OnGuard.
 Additional information can be found in the Lenel OnGuard Integration Guide, which is included in the Add-On Package. 

Applies To

  • OnGuard
  • OnGuard
  • OnGuard 7.1.481.74
  • OnGuard 7.0.1107.0
  • OnGuard 7.3 Accessory Add-On 1.0.4 (for Napco.msi)
  • OnGuard 7.2 Accessory Add-On 1.0.3 (for Napco.msi)
  • OnGuard 7.1 Accessory Add-On 1.0.4 (for Napco.msi)
  • OnGuard 7.0 Accessory Add-On 1.0.7 (for Napco.msi)


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