Onity CT30 XPP does not connect or does not accept download from Communication Server


When connecting the XPP to a Communication Server, the XPP does not come online/connect, or does not complete a download.

When connected to the Communication Server, the XPP display should show the following message:

Please Wait...

Loading Data...
Memory Used 000%

When downloading some or all of the locks, the XPP will accept the data, beep once on completion, and then power off.


Verify that no other application is using the COM port assigned to the XPP:
  1. Close Communication Server.
  2. Open a command prompt and type "MODE COM1" followed by the ENTER key (use the appropriate serial port number).
    The status for device should be displayed.
    If "Device COM1 is not currently available" is returned, something else is using the COM port.
If the XPP connects, but will not complete a download, verify that the XPP's date format is MM/DD/YYYY by setting the clock using Communication Server.
  1. Connect the XPP and verify it is online.
  2. In the Communication Server application, click the Commands menu and select Set Clock.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions) 

Additional Information

If using a Serial-to-USB adapter, connect directly to the serial port. Technical Support will not troubleshoot connection issues when the XPP is connected via USB due to the wide range of quality of these devices. Some adapters will allow the XPP to connect one workstation and not another; some do not allow the connection at all. It is highly recommended that a serial card with a DB9 connector be installed.