Linkage Server error when running Bulk Operation


When running Bulk Operating from System Administration, the following error displays:
“Bulk access operations require the linkage server be running. The Linkage Server is responsible for downloading the updated badges to the panels. Please start the Linkage Server before continuing.”


  1. Open Services and verify the LS Linkage Server is running.  If it is not running, attempt to start it.
  2. If the LS Linkage Server service fails to start, log into System Administration. Open Administration > System Options and verify the correct Linkage Server Host is configured.
    Ensure that the Linkage Service Host is not a fully qualified domain name. The name must be a short name.
  3. If the service was started or if the error persists, navigate to: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.  
  4. Open the file in notepad.
  5. Add a line under the last # line in the file.  
  6. Type the IP address of the machine running the Linkage Server, press tab then enter the PC name.  
  7. On the Save As window, click Save as type.
  8. Click All Files.  Test the bulk operation and verify it successfully completes

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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