Invalid card format seen in Alarm Monitoring with iCLASS reader and M Series hardware


An invalid card format is seen in Alarm Monitoring from an iCLASS keypad reader on an LNL-1380-8RP and LNL-3300-M5 panel. In the captured SCPDEBUG file, each individual key press for PIN entry is seen as 4 bits: xx or 8 bits: xx (depending on the keypad bit setting). Badges presented to the reader work fine.


There was a problem with the firmware properly interpreting the PIN output from readers connected to LNL-1380-8RP firmware version 1.57.10 and earlier. Apply firmware version 1.57.11 to resolve the issue. This can be downloaded from: and is included with OnGuard 7.4.

Applies To

LNL-1380-8RP firmware 1.57.10 and earlier
OnGuard (All versions prior to 7.4) 

Additional Information