HID PIV Class reader using OSDP is unresponsive or gives invalid card format when badge is presented

When using an HID RP40-H, RPK40-H or other HID PIV Class reader using OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol), the credential presented will not be read and not generate a beep at the reader, or will generate an Invalid Card Format event in Alarm Monitoring while using the 75-bit PIV class card format or 200-bit PIV class card format.  

Procedure Steps

Obtain a configuration card for the respective card format that is to be used in order to change the output of the reader to 75-bit Wiegand or 200-bit Wiegand. Another option is to use 200-bit FASC-N as extended ID (see FICAM configuration guide).

Applies To

HID PIV Class Readers, RP40-H, RPK40-H

Additional Information

The HID readers may be outputting the incorrect bit format, such as 82-bit. The configuration card is needed to ensure the readers will work with the 75-bit or 200-bit formats.