ID timestamp validation replication error


The following error message appears in the LenelError.log file during replication:
"1/15/2008 3:21:16 PM [Replicator] Could not validate timestamp on pre-allocated ID set for [BADGE NUMBER] between region [REGION] and master [MASTER]. The IDS_ALLOCATED table for [BADGE NUMBER] with DBID[10] and table ID [53] does not exist!"
Note: Information in brackets will be specific to the devices, regional and master servers, and IDs used in your system.


Allocate new sets of IDs for all pre-allocated IDs used by the enterprise. This can be done by following these steps.

  1. Log into Replication Administration on a regional or master server, using the SA account.
  2. Open the Allocated IDs form for the region experiencing the failure.
  3. In the IDs list, select the item mentioned in the error message (make sure the item has a red check mark).
  4. Click [Get More IDs].
  5. The ID Allocation Operation form opens. Select the Obtain more pre-allocated IDs for SELECTED tables radio button, then click [OK].
  6. A Replication Administration warning opens, stating "ID Allocation happens automatically...Are you sure you would like to continue with this operation?" Click [Yes].
  7. The Pre-allocated ID Ranges form opens. The number of IDs to be obtained is listed for each table affected. Click [Allocate New IDs Now].
  8. Prompt and warning dialogs might open. Click [Yes] in each dialog.
  9. You might need to repeat steps 1-8 for each additional regional or master server in the enterprise.

Applies To

OnGuard 2006 (5.12.012) and later

Additional Information

The various pre-allocated IDs utilized by the enterprise may be out of sync. As a result, the Replicator application cannot properly resolve information for objects being replicated. The error shown in the LenelError.log is generated.