''Could not validate timestamp on pre-allocated ID set...'' error messages while running Replicator on recently upgraded Mobile Badging Station


After upgrading a mobile badging station (prior to OnGuard 2008) to OnGuard 2008 version 6.0.148 or later, errors occur regarding pre-allocated IDs for the mobile badging station and the inability to validate timestamps when running Replicator.

For example, the following error message may result:

"Note that data in square brackets [] may vary depending on the object types, server names, and values in use in the system.Could not validate timestamp on pre-allocated ID set for [Elevator Terminal] between region [BNEP] and master [CASM].  The IDS_ALLOCATED table for [Elevator Terminal] with DbID[10] and table ID [53] does not exist!"


To resolve this problem, using Replication Administration, log into the parent of the mobile badging station using the SA account. Then allocate new IDs for all available tables using the following steps.

1) Open Allocated IDs for the mobile badging station.
2) Click Get More IDs.
3) Select the Obtain more pre-allocated IDs for ALL tables radio button.
4) Click OK.

At this point, you may receive error messages indicating that the Master doesn't have a record of the range. Since you are logged in as SA, you can fix this issue. Make sure you select OK or Yes to these messages to proceed.

When completed, Replicator should function properly on the mobile badging station once again.

Applies To

OnGuard 2008 (6.0.148)
OnGuard Enterprise (All versions)

Additional Information